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Hands-on Labs at Cloud Foundry NA Summit

With Cloud Foundry NA Summit coming up in just two days, this seems like the ideal time to tell you all a bit more about the 5 technical, hands-on labs we’ll be running at the event. We’ll run 3 labs each day, and I believe many of you will find something of value here, whether you are brand new to Cloud Foundry, a developer at any level, or a seasoned platform operator.  

Special thanks to Google and Stark & Wayne for making this possible! Google has generously donated credit for Google Cloud Platform, on which most of these labs will be running, while Stark & Wayne has generously donated their technical expertise, and have put in hours building out the shared infrastructure that these labs require.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some labs.

Wednesday 6/24

Try Cloud Foundry – Resilient Scale

This lab is perfect for developers who are new to Cloud Foundry, or non-technical folks who want to see what the hype is about. Resilient Scale’s Steve Greenberg will guide you through deploying your first app to Cloud Foundry and familiarize you with fundamental aspects of the platform. This content is also available at https://tutorials/, but going through this information in a pack will be more fun, plus you’ll have Steve at your disposal to ask any questions that might come up.

Gluon: Let Kubernetes Run Your BOSH Deployments – Stark & Wayne

This very good lab digs into Gluon, a powerful new Kubernetes controller that can manage BOSH directors, upload stemcells, and run your deployments. Gluon provides you one control plane that manages your BOSH deployments and your Kubernetes clusters. So maybe you should take this new tool from the mad scientists at Stark & Wayne for a walk?

Elevate Your App-Dev Experience with the v7 CLI – VMware

For those of you living under a rock (or, perhaps, preoccupied with a global pandemic or mass social movements), you might not know that the Cloud Foundry CLI has some brand new, hot-off-the-command-line functionality in v7. (Learn more at Wednesday morning’s keynote from Chip Childers!) This lab will walk you through all the new features, like rolling deployments, pushing apps with sidecar processes, and more.

Thursday 6/25 

Try Cloud Foundry – Resilient Scale

This lab is so good we’re running him twice.

What’s Under the Hood of Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes – VMware

Attendees of this lab will learn how to deploy Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes, push apps, and inspect various cluster resources created by cf-for-k8s. You’ll also get a glimpse of upcoming new features (and maybe a squirrel).  

Dev and Ops with KubeCF – SUSE

This treat of a lab will have you digging into KubeCF as well as the underlying Quarks components, and is geared to both developers and administrators. This old, production-ready, dog has learned some new tricks, and so can you.  

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Chris is the Technical Operations Manager at Cloud Foundry Foundation with a background in software engineering and project management.