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Hazelcast Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation

Leading IMDG builds a native integration with Cloud Foundry multi-cloud platform

Palo Alto, Calif., May 23, 2016 Hazelcast, a leading provider of operational in-memory computing with tens of thousands of installed clusters and over 14 million server starts per month, today announced it had joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation, a non-profit organization that drives the development, promotion and adoption of Cloud Foundry as an industry standard multi-cloud platform. As a silver member, Hazelcast will be working closely with the Cloud Foundry community to help companies enable cloud-native applications which leverage the resilience, integrity and scale of Hazlecast’s easy to deploy open source, in-memory computing platform.

“We welcome Hazelcast as a new Foundation member,” said Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji. ” We believe Hazelcast will help companies using the Cloud Foundry multi-cloud platform to efficiently integrate in-memory data layers into their cloud-native applications.”

For cloud application providers and developers, Hazelcast provides an in-memory data layer that scales elastically with demand. Since Hazelcast is a small JAR file delivered under an Apache 2 License with no dependencies other than Java, cloud developers can easily drop Hazelcast into their applications and achieve the same kind of high performance scalability and in-memory performance enjoyed by investment banks.

Deploying Hazelcast in the Cloud Foundry framework enables users to address a number of application use cases, such as caching, caching-as-a-service, microservices, Web Session clustering, IoT, NoSQL data store, Spring cache, and application scaling. In addition, to ensure maximum extensibility of individual cloud strategies, the Hazelcast open source community has created client APIs for a host of programming environments including Java, Scala, .Net/C#, C++, Python, PHP, Golang, Node.js and Clojure.  

Hazelcast does not require any specific Cloud Foundry work. Hazelcast runs inside an application and when the application is pushed onto Cloud Foundry, it’s the application’s job to discover other cluster members. As Cloud Foundry only provides URLs of an application after it’s pushed and staged, the developer needs a mechanism to maintain these URLs so that the Hazelcast instance inside an app can detect other members running on those URLs.

To assist this process and encourage cloud deployments in general, Hazelcast has developed a Cloud Discovery Service Provider Interface (SPI) which enables cloud-based or on-premise nodes to auto-discover each other in the same cluster with minimum configuration and management set-up. Hazelcast comes with a multitude of providers: Kubernetes, Apache jclouds, Consul, Eureka, etcd, and a new discovery AWS and Azure provider.

“By becoming a Cloud Foundry Foundation member, we can now cooperatively enhance the Cloud Foundry platform by equipping developers with an open source in-memory data grid which is driven by a mature and stable tribe of community members and contributors,” said Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast. “Our recent commitments to cloud enhancements include a new Discovery SPI, container deployment for Docker, new integrations for Cloud Foundry and OpenShift and cloud and management configurations for numerous providers such as Consul and Eureka. Deploying Hazelcast in the cloud has never been easier.”

To download the latest version of Hazelcast, go to

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About Hazelcast, Inc.
Hazelcast is the leading provider of operational in-memory computing with tens of thousands of installed clusters and over 14 million server starts per month. The Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid helps leading companies, like Capital One, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Deutsche Bank, Ellie Mae, and Mizuho Securities USA, manage their data and distribute processing using in-memory storage and parallel execution for breakthrough application speed and scale.

Hazelcast’s developer-friendly approach makes it easy to modernize existing applications while providing a platform for building new innovative solutions. Hazelcast is headquartered in Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto, with offices in Ankara, Istanbul, London, and New York City. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @Hazelcast.

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