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Release Packs Features and Updates for CF CLI v6.40.0

The Cloud Foundry CLI team is thrilled to announce the release of cf CLI v6.40.0!  This release is packed with updates! You can see the release notes for full details, but we wanted to share some highlights for you here on the Cloud Foundry blog.

create-space (refactor)

  • We modified the color text output as prescribed by our style guide
  • We updated error messages for scenarios when a user is unauthorized to create a space
  • We fixed a bug with `create-space` and the `cf auth` command whilst using `–client- credentials`

OSX Binary is no longer static binary

  • Due to reported DNS-related issues, we reverted the change we made in CLI v6.36.2 to make the OSX binary a static binary

`cf app` includes the `details` header

  • We added the `details` header to the `cf app` command output. The details header displays information about app failure including insufficient memory.
  • Now the app instance display in `cf app` shows when an app is in the `down` state

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where trailing slash on cf api would break listing commands for older CC APIs. For older versions of CC API, if the API URL had a trailing slash, some requests would fail with an “Unknown request” error. These requests are now handled properly.

We’re really pleased to share these updates with you! Please reach out on Slack or Github with feedback.


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