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Summit Talk: Bringing the Simplicity of “cf map-route” to Kubernetes

This post is about the forthcoming talk “Bringing the Simplicity of ‘cf map-route’ to Kubernetes” being given by Tim Downey and Nitya Dhanushkodi at Cloud Foundry NA Summit on Thursday, June 25th in the Contributor track. Register for Summit here.

Hi we’re Tim and Nitya, members of the Application Connectivity team working on Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes. Over the last year, our team has been hard at work bringing the routing and networking bits of Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes. Why are we doing this? Well, let’s face it. Networking in Kubernetes is hard. 

On Kubernetes, developers need to care about Services, Ingress Controllers, Network Policy, and more — all just to expose their applications to the outside world.

As an application developer, wouldn’t you rather focus your efforts on adding new features or fixing problems for your customers? In Cloud Foundry, you can configure ingress routing for your application in just one simple command: “cf map-route”. Cloud Foundry will take it from there.

Why should you attend?

In our session, we’re excited to dive a little deeper into what we’ve been working on and the implementation decisions that we’ve made along the way. We’ll show how we are integrating well-known projects from the Kubernetes ecosystem, like Istio service mesh and Envoy proxies, to deliver the same “map-route” simplicity that Cloud Foundry users expect. By leveraging existing technologies from the cloud native landscape we’ll be able to move faster and deliver the features that modern operators and developers crave. Things like secure by default traffic by having TLS everywhere, weighted-routing, circuit breaking, and more.

We’ll also explore our new interface for getting routing information onto the platform: the Route CRD. The Route CRD defines a custom Kubernetes resource that represents a Cloud Foundry Route and provides loose coupling between the Cloud Foundry API and underlying networking implementation. In the future this will make it easier to support additional service meshes and ingress implementations. As the Kubernetes ecosystem continues to evolve, we’ll be ready to evolve with it.

So if service meshes and Kubernetes controllers are your thing, be sure to tune in to our upcoming talk at the virtual Cloud Foundry North America Summit. We can’t wait to share more!


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