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Why a Huge Sporting Goods Retailer Uses Cloud Foundry

Jay Piskorik is Director of Platform Engineering at DICK’s Sporting Goods and will be speaking on the keynote stage at Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadelphia on April 4, 2019.

When most people attend a technical conference, their focus is usually on what is bleeding edge for the stack. From my perspective and what has always interested me is, how are people changing their culture and how do they work? As many of you already know, the landscape in which we work has drastically changed over the past few years. Long gone are the days where projects could take 6, 12 or 18 months – anything over a week or two and the idea is stale. The world is moving fast and customer expectations change by the second.

One of the most beneficial parts of participating in the Cloud Foundry Summit is having open discussions about how using the Cloud Foundry stack is allowing us as a technology community to deliver faster, more reliable and secure products to customers in ways that we never thought possible. At the conference last year, our DICK’S Sporting Goods platform team got their first view into how other companies are using Cloud Foundry. It was inspiring to learn from teams at organizations like the United States Air Force and how they were tearing down operational barriers and allowing their teams to just go and do.

At DICK’S Sporting Goods we understood the way we were working from a technology standpoint was not sustainable and needed a faster and more efficient application. When we decided on the Cloud Foundry  platform we knew we had that solution. I am excited to be speaking about the technological and cultural change happening at DICK’s Sporting Goods as well as of our wins through the first year of our journey with Cloud Foundry.

I look forward to hearing the success stories of the other attendees and speakers, and hope you will join our first talk at the Summit on how we onboarded over 40 teams in seven months with my colleague Nick Belhumeur and our friend at VMware, Sameer Hashmi. Register for Summit here – see you April 2-4 in Philadelphia!

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Jay Piskorik, AUTHOR

Jay Piskorik serves as the Director of Platform Engineering at DICK’S Sporting Goods where he plays an integral role in developing the Company’s cloud strategy and digital transformation. Jay is responsible for leading DICK’S platform initiatives while overseeing the design and build out of all cloud-infrastructure and services. Jay is also responsible for leading the creation of an open source technology practice as well as the team that focuses on enterprise integration services as well as supporting the Company’s current suite of integration technologies. Jay and his team are focused on strong partnerships with Pivotal and Cloud Foundry, through this partnership they have been able to drive company initiatives and modernize DICK’S Sporting Goods technology standards and practices.