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Cloud Foundry Summit 2021: Spotlight On The “How-To” Track

The Cloud Foundry Summit 2021 is fast approaching. We’re nearing the end of the wait, and wanted to give folks a run down on some of the sessions to expect at the Summit. And, remind you to register for the Summit, of course. 

In this blog post, we will be shining the spotlight on the How-To track at the Summit. We have designed the Summit to have 3 tracks overall – “How-To”, “Behind The Curtain”, and “In The Wild”. Each of these tracks are designed to focus on one area of interest for Cloud Foundry users, both starters and the seasoned. 

The Cloud Foundry Summit has always had a culture of deep commitment to the community. The talks for this particular track have been selected by Piyali Banerjee and DaShaun Carter. An integral part of the community, they both acted as co-chairs in the selection process, independent of the Foundation itself and other sponsors or member organizations. 

Kubernetes adoption has been skyrocketing in the industry. It is among the most popular open source projects and is seeing traction among emerging and enterprise companies alike. There are a lot of components that need to converge in order to make Kubernetes work well for software engineering teams, and that is where Cloud Foundry shines. This “How-to” track is meant to answer the questions that arise when thinking about applying the CF abstraction over vanilla Kubernetes clusters. Here are some examples — 

  • How to decide if we need Cloud Foundry? 

    This talk by Kevin Rutten explores the need for the CF abstraction over Kubernetes in detail and provides many strategies for a well-defined roll out. 

  • How to conduct Day 2 operations? For example – debug applications, observe them, and detect vulnerabilities?

    There are talks that will provide the exact answers you need – First is the one titled “Remote Debugging Java Applications” by Shashank Mohan Jain from SAP. A second set of talks by Rajesh Gheware of UniGPS solutions and Patrick Hartz will help in uncovering the details about metrics and monitoring of applications on the cloud. A third talk by Cloud Foundry contributor @Birdrock and Dr. Dave Walter from VMware provides information about vulnerability scanning and updates — even at scale. 

  • How are immutable artefacts generated for deployment?
  • How to bridge the industry-academia divide about cloud native applications?

In addition, we are also going to host sessions that touch upon several other niche areas such as disaster recovery, cross-platform services, and building ML platforms which are of notable mention. Although they might not have broad-based appeal, they certainly work well in demonstrating how extensible the Cloud Foundry platform truly is.

Here’s a full list of talks from the How-to track:

Wednesday, July 21

  • 9:20am CDT

Cloud From The Ground Up: A New Approach to Technology Education – Katie Gatto, Monmouth University

  • 10:25am CDT

Options Galore to Get from Source Code to Container – Matthias Haeussler, Novatec

  • 10:50am CDT

An Introduction to Webassembly – Shashank Mohan Jain, SAP

  • 11:30am CDT

How to Migrate Data Between Services using Cloud Foundry Tasks – Heitor Meira de Melo, anynines GmbH

  • 11:55am CDT

The Odd Couple – Cross-platform Services with Examples in Blacksmith and Tweed – Kevin Rutten, Stark & Wayne

Thursday, July 22 

  • 9:20am CDT

Collecting App Container Metrics with Sidecar Buildpacks – Patrick Hartz, anynines GmbH

  • 9:45am CDT

Remote Debugging Java applications in Cloud Foundry – Subhankar Chattopadhyay & Shashank Mohan Jain, SAP

  • 10:25am CDT

How to Design, Build Smart Platforms Leveraging Machine Learning, NLP – Dilleswara Rao Anupoju, Comcast

  • 10:50am CDT

Microservices Observability on Kubernetes – Rajesh Gheware, UniGPS Solutions

  • 11:30am CDT

Building Rapid CVE Responses into CF for K8s – Dr. Dave Walter & Andrew Wittrock, VMware

  • 11:55am CDT

Better Together, Cloud Foundry Improves Kubernetes – Kevin Rutten, Stark & Wayne

The Cloud Foundry Summit is a great opportunity to meet with folks interested in exploring various means to make most of their Kubernetes investments, specifically by getting answers to their most pertinent questions. We invite you, and all the members of your team, to attend and benefit from the various sessions lined up. 

The full agenda for the Summit can be found here. To register, please visit the Summit page. Look forward to seeing you participate! For any queries related to the Summit, please write to us at

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