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“Behind the Scenes” with Abby Kearns

By March 2, 2017

Last month, Cloud Foundry Executive Director Abby Kearns traveled to London to participate in COED:CODE, a diverse meetup on systems and infrastructure programming, and Monki Gras, the developer conference on craft culture. She called COED:CODE a “unique and amazing” mix of diverse people eager to discuss new technologies. At Monki Gras, she participated on a fascinating panel … Continue reading ““Behind the Scenes” with Abby Kearns”

Why Diversity Matters

By January 29, 2017

At Cloud Foundry, we believe strongly in diversity. Diversity of thought. Diversity of opinion. Most importantly, diversity in terms of gender, race, religion and orientation. This week, the new President of the United States signed an executive order that indefinitely suspends admissions from Syrian refugees and limits the flow of other refugees from seven other … Continue reading “Why Diversity Matters”

Why Cloud Foundry is Making the Open Service Broker API Even More Open

By December 13, 2016

Since becoming the Executive Director for Cloud Foundry, I have been eagerly awaiting today’s launch of the Open Service Broker API project. This collaborative project with Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Pivotal, Red Hat and SAP enables developers, ISVs and SaaS vendors to deliver services to applications running within cloud-native offerings — including Cloud Foundry, OpenShift and … Continue reading “Why Cloud Foundry is Making the Open Service Broker API Even More Open”

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 19: Live from SpringOne

By August 8, 2016

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 19, Live from SpringOne. Today’s episode is brought to you by the following Cloud Foundry Ambassadors: Mark Carlson, ECS Team Luke Woydziak, EMC Stormy Peters, Cloud Foundry Foundation Cloud Foundry was at SpringOne last week:  Several Cloud Foundry Ambassadors in the booth – great interactions with companies … Continue reading “Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 19: Live from SpringOne”

Infographic: Key Findings from Cloud Foundry’s Container Report

By July 6, 2016

Last month, we released the most comprehensive global study conducted to-date on the adoption of containers. Cloud Foundry Foundation’s Hope vs. Reality: Containers in 2016 report scrutinized the global landscape to determine who is using containers. Specifically, the report looked at: the how and why, the benefits and challenges of container usage—and the products and … Continue reading “Infographic: Key Findings from Cloud Foundry’s Container Report”