How Can I Try Out Cloud Foundry?

by October 27, 2016

So you’ve built a cloud native app, taking advantage of all the 12-factors, or at least most of them. Is there a cloud application platform that you could run it to test it out? Yes, there is: Cloud Foundry.
Here are some of our certified providers that can help you get up and running on Cloud Foundry immediately:

AppFog from CenturyLink. Take advantage of a free trial on AppFog, CenturyLink’s platform based on Cloud Foundry. You also gain access to the broad array of services and resources for those developers that are new to cloud-native.
Atos Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry and Open PaaS at OSCON

by July 19, 2012

The Cloud Foundry team is at the premier Open Source conference, O’Reilly OSCON this week. What a difference a year makes! This time last year, the Cloud Foundry Open Source project and the idea of an open Platform as a Service (and PaaS generally) was a new concept to many developers. This year, there has been a clear buzz around clouds – particularly open cloud platforms –and sessions on these topics have been very busy.
Cloud Foundry had a number of sessions: Josh Long has been as popular as ever, talking about Spring and Cloud Foundry topics; Raja Rao DV delivered a masterclass in node.js on Cloud Foundry; and I hosted a birds-of-a-feather group to discuss the idea of messaging and integration in the cloud using technologies like RabbitMQ.

Administer Cloud Foundry with Mobile Apps

by June 14, 2012

One of the neat things about Cloud Foundry is that, because the code is open source, it’s easy to see how the administration tools (such as the command line-based vmc) work. The Cloud Controller component has a REST API, which provides the ability to query and modify the Cloud Foundry environment. That means it is relatively straightforward to build a management user interface tailored to the platform you are using, or to the requirements and needs of a specific set of users.
To illustrate this, I made a really brief video which I tend to use when I’m speaking about the Cloud Foundry platform and ecosystem.