James Bayer

Open Service Broker API Launches as Industry Standard

by December 13, 2016

Cloud Foundry Foundation opens up governance of Service Broker API, new group aims to incubate the standardization of service delivery across cloud offerings  
San Francisco, December 13, 2016 — Cloud Foundry Foundation, in collaboration with individuals representing Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Pivotal, Red Hat and SAP, today announced the launch of the Open Service Broker API project. The Open Service Broker API project allows developers, ISVs and SaaS vendors a single, simple, and elegant way to deliver services to applications running within cloud native offerings including Cloud Foundry, OpenShift and Kubernetes.
Many large companies are already in the process of implementing service brokers including Google, Red Hat and Microsoft.

IBM WebSphere Liberty Buildpack Contributed to Cloud Foundry

by September 9, 2013

IBM is contributing the IBM WebSphere Liberty Buildpack today as further proof of its commitment to make the Cloud Foundry open source project and community even stronger.
A guest blog by Rachel Reinitz, an IBM Distinguished Engineer in IBM Software Services
In late July, I wrote a guest blog here about our development of a preview IBM WebSphere Liberty buildpack. I’m delighted to announce we have contributed the WebSphere Liberty Buildpack to the Cloud Foundry community. It now has its own Cloud Foundry GitHub repo, ibm-webphere-liberty-buildpack.
Importance of Buildpacks
Buildpacks can provide a complete runtime environment for a specific class of applications. They are key to providing portability across clouds and contributing to an open cloud architecture.