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Enterprise-Ready Container Management Is Here

By March 24, 2017

Pivotal and Google team up to bring Kubernetes expertise to the Cloud Foundry Platform Last year, we released a container report which details how containers are helpful in switching to cloud native architectures. This means enterprises are not only adopting containers as a way to deploy applications, but looking for robust solutions to help them … Continue reading “Enterprise-Ready Container Management Is Here”

How is Using a Platform like Making a Pie? [Reblog]

By February 28, 2017

In a fascinating article on The New Stack, Cloud Foundry Foundation CTO Chip Childers draws an analogy between baking a pie and developing a cloud application. Choosing a container as a service (CaaS) is akin to mixing your dough from scratch, he explains, while going with a platform as a service (PaaS) is like nabbing a … Continue reading “How is Using a Platform like Making a Pie? [Reblog]”

A Taste of Platform: 5 Sessions from a Thriving Community

By September 4, 2013

Starting Sunday, September 8th, Platform: the Cloud Foundry Conference welcomes a worldwide group of over 400 dedicated developers and operators to Santa Clara for the first conference around the open source Platform as a Service (PaaS). The conference features leaders, contributors, and users who will cover tech topics, provide roadmaps, and share case studies in … Continue reading “A Taste of Platform: 5 Sessions from a Thriving Community”

Facilitating Open Community: an Interview with Andrew Clay Shafer

By August 1, 2013

While planning the first Platform conference, I asked Andrew Shafer for advice and to facilitate an unconference. I first met him at OSCON 2010 and have enjoyed Andrew’s thought provoking perspective ever since. I sat down with Andrew to learn more about his experience with conferences, communities, open source, business and his plans for the … Continue reading “Facilitating Open Community: an Interview with Andrew Clay Shafer”