Polishing Cloud Foundry’s Ruby Gem Support

by October 2, 2012

The Cloud Foundry team has released new features to improve management of Ruby gems in apps running on These features include support for using Git URLs in Gemfiles, handling of the BUNDLE_WITHOUT environment variable, and platform specification to control the gem installation process. With these improvements, it is now easier than ever to get your existing Ruby projects up and running on
In 2003, RubyGems was launched as Ruby’s package manager. Six years later, Rubyists began using Bundler–a means for managing and installing gem dependencies in the context of an application.

Running Resque Workers on Cloud Foundry

by May 3, 2012

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Running Standalone Web Applications on Cloud Foundry

We introduced Cloud Foundry’s new “standalone” applications feature in the first post in this four-part series. In this second installment, we will look at the most common use of a standalone application–the worker process. Workers can be used for all kinds of asynchronous background jobs, such as updating search indexes, emailing all users with a password reset approaching, performing a database backup to persistent storage, or uploading new customer data from external storage.

Cloud Foundry Improves Support For Background Processing

by May 1, 2012

Cloud Foundry has significantly enhanced support for worker applications that perform background processing by allowing applications to run on without the application container. Cloud Foundry applications are no longer limited to Web applications that respond to HTTP requests. Instead, they can be run as executable or “standalone” applications. A standalone application is one that does not require a provided framework or container.
Many developers create distributed applications that have workers to perform specific functions and communicate via a data or messaging system, such as those developed with Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Resque, or Delayed Job.

RabbitMQ + Cloud Foundry: Cloud Messaging that Just Works

by August 9, 2011

Cloud Foundry™ is the industry’s first open platform as a service. Providing a choice of developer frameworks, application services and deployment clouds, Cloud Foundry simplifies application development and makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. Cloud Foundry already supports multiple application services including MySQL, MongoDB and Redis. And we are working to add more. 
Today, we are pleased to announce an important milestone: the RabbitMQ messaging service, available today as a free public beta. You can get started right away: on, you will find sample applications and guides. If you create a cool application, please let us know and we’ll link to it. And if you get stuck, tell us what we need to get right.