CloudFoundry Shanghai Meetup in December 2015 – A Recap and Perspective

by January 15, 2016

In 2015, I visited China three times. More recently in early December and previously in August and for the first time ever in early March. I have practically seen most important parts of the vast capital Beijing over the four visits, as it was also the city I visited the most. While I would highly recommend visiting Beijing in August rather than the other two other times I was there, a visit to China in general should be in everyone’s radar if you are into Cloud technology. The Cloud is taking off so fast there that opportunities seem to be at every corners.

So it was not surprising to me that the CloudFoundry (CF) organization decided to hold its first CF-Summit Asia in China.

Four Meetups in 15 Days

by December 18, 2015

Last Tuesday I wrapped up a four-city meetup tour which began on December 1st in a joint Docker and Cloud Foundry meetup at CenturyLink’s Minneapolis headquarters and ended at StackExchange in New York City. Bridget Kromhout was able to join me for three of them: Minneapolis, New York City, and Comcast’s headquarters in Philadelphia. I went to Columbus on my own.
We averaged 40 attendees per event. I’m honored to have spoken to 160 people across four cities about the capabilities of Cloud Foundry and how it relates and interacts with containers of several formats.
For this talk I used a local Cloud Foundry instance to do live demos of deploying applications with and without Docker.

Growing CF Foundation – Swapping over the Atlantic

by July 1, 2014

In the last few weeks, we saw a fast adaption and commitment from the Cloud Foundry Open Source Foundation members and just during the Cloud Foundry Platform conference two weeks ago; Swisscom joined the group as the 34th member of the Foundation (Checkout the panel discussion with Piston, Pivotal and Swisscom on stage).

Snapshot from the CF Platform Conference, 6.9.14, San Francisco
Swisscom is the biggest Service Provider of Switzerland, an early adopter of Cloud Technologies and was involved as one of the first few Service Providers in the Cloud Foundry Community in 2013.