All About the Platform: Cloud Foundry Unconference

by October 7, 2016

With over 700 people gathering in Frankfurt at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for platform developers to meet face-to-face – those who work collaboratively across company lines to build the open source Cloud Foundry platform. I teamed up with Paula Kennedy of Pivotal to organize the official one-day Unconference event.
We were able to secure a great lineup of speakers and sponsors including anynines, Armakuni, Google Cloud Platform, Swisscom and Pivotal – this event would not have been possible without their support. The Unconference took place on the Monday before Summit and was fully booked with over 100 participants:

Cloud Foundry Summit Europe unconference is packed full! pic.twitter.

Facilitating Open Community: an Interview with Andrew Clay Shafer

by August 1, 2013

While planning the first Platform conference, I asked Andrew Shafer for advice and to facilitate an unconference. I first met him at OSCON 2010 and have enjoyed Andrew’s thought provoking perspective ever since. I sat down with Andrew to learn more about his experience with conferences, communities, open source, business and his plans for the Platform unconference.
Andrew, most people who are following the cloud computing and devops storyline for the past few years probably know who you are, but why don’t we start with an introduction.
Right, I’m Andrew Clay Shafer (@littleidea). A lot of people know me as a co-founder of Puppet Labs, and for evangelizing devops, but I worked for a couple of funded startups before that.