Cloud Foundry: What’s the state of the project?

by October 20, 2016

With thousands of contributors and more than 130 core committers on Cloud Foundry, it can be challenging to keep up with the state of the project. At Cloud Foundry Summit in Frankfurt, Cloud Foundry Foundation VP of Technology Chip Childers provided an up-to-the-minute status report on Cloud Foundry. He kicked off the discussion with the to-be-released incrementally v3 API, moved on to “secret weapon” buildpacks, explained the need to migrate to Diego Runtime and delved into Garden before attacking cf v242’s volume services, container to container networking, route services, “bits” service, isolation segments, Abacus, BOSH “2.0” (“the heart of the Cloud Foundry multi-cloud promise”) and the OpenStack CPI.

Digital Uprising, One Government at a Time

by October 18, 2016

What do the Dutch government agency Rijkswaterstaat, the U.S.A.’s, and the Australian and UK governments have in common? They all use Cloud Foundry in their digital transformation journey! Watch these fascinating talks on how these government agencies left behind their clunky legacy technologies and learned to embrace open source as a path to digital excellence, with Cloud Foundry at the heart of it all.
1. Open As a Disruptor for Government: Liam Maxwell, UK Government
What’s the “square of despair”? National Technology Adviser Liam Maxwell explains.

2. Running Cloud Foundry in a Compliance and Security Focused Environment: Diego Lapiduz and Bret A.

5 Reasons Developers Can’t Afford to Miss Watson DevCon

by October 18, 2016

The countdown to the first-ever Watson Developer Conference is on. In less than one month, developers, students and entrepreneurs will be coming to the Innovation Hangar in San Francisco to learn how to drive innovation through cognitive app development. I’m here to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what you can expect at the DevCon and why you can’t afford to miss it.

REASON #1: Experience Watson services on Bluemix with hands-on labs:Stop by our hands-on labs and learn how to get started with Watson services, kick-start your app and become a Bluemix pro. And not to worry, Watson and Bluemix experts will be on-site to help answer questions and even bounce your latest and greatest app ideas off of.

Watch Cloud Foundry Summit Frankfurt Videos Now!

by October 13, 2016

Last month’s Cloud Foundry Summit in Frankfurt, Germany, brought together hundreds of members from our community and sparked fascinating conversations about the future of Cloud Foundry. Keynotes and technical talks were given by experts from around the world, and the schedule was packed! If you weren’t able to make it to certain talks or if you just want to rewatch some of your favorites, see the full playlist from Summit or just press play below.

For a full retrospective on Cloud Foundry Summit Europe, check out our recap! Read high-level lookbacks from Tuesday and Wednesday, see the full list of news, articles and blogs from Summit, and peruse the photo gallery below.

Register Now for Cloud Foundry Days 2016!

by October 12, 2016

This fall, Cloud Foundry Foundation announced Cloud Foundry Days, a new series of single-day educational events sponsored by our members, scheduled across the APJ and China regions in Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and hosted by EMC, GE, TIBCO and Fujitsu. We are pleased to announce that all dates and locations are now finalized, and links to registration are live.

All About the Platform: Cloud Foundry Unconference

by October 7, 2016

With over 700 people gathering in Frankfurt at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for platform developers to meet face-to-face – those who work collaboratively across company lines to build the open source Cloud Foundry platform. I teamed up with Paula Kennedy of Pivotal to organize the official one-day Unconference event.
We were able to secure a great lineup of speakers and sponsors including anynines, Armakuni, Google Cloud Platform, Swisscom and Pivotal – this event would not have been possible without their support. The Unconference took place on the Monday before Summit and was fully booked with over 100 participants:

Cloud Foundry Summit Europe unconference is packed full! pic.twitter.

SwanseaCon: Cloud Foundry and the Cloud Native Journey

by October 6, 2016

Ever since I started working within the software industry I have had one recurring and compelling thought: Why?
Yes, technology can change and so can architectural thought processes, but I kept thinking to myself, why are we building this? Is what we are trying to achieve really different than everyone else’s requirements? Can we build something better than what is already out there?
Maybe! But it’s going to take a lot of time and effort.
After working with one of the provider Cloud Foundry (CF) platforms a number of years ago, I was immediately hooked and couldn’t resist finding out how this all worked under the hood. Chris Cundill (Diligent Software) and I aren’t long time co-workers; we share a passion for delivering great software.

Cloud Development Best Practices – Common Anti-Patterns in Building Scalable Microservices with Cloud Foundry [Reblog]

by October 3, 2016

If you’re using Cloud Foundry to run apps at scale, you’ve probably asked yourself questions like “Should I store state in an application container’s file system?” or “Why does Cloud Foundry kill your app if you only have one instance of it running?”
Bala Keelapudi, a Predix Support Engineer at GE Digital, offers developer solutions to these questions and others to help you build scalable microservices with Cloud Foundry.
Jump to the full article on the Predix Developer Blog.

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 20: From the Ambassadors

by September 30, 2016

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 20: From the Ambassadors.

Today’s episode is brought to you by the following Cloud Foundry Ambassadors:

Dan Young [], EngineerBetter
Johanna Koester [], IBM
Dr. Max (Eugene Michael Maximilien) [], IBM
Stormy Peters [], Cloud Foundry Foundation

Cloud Advisory Board (CAB) Call Highlights

Conversation in #cab on

PMC Runtime meet this week.

Notes: Runtime PMC notes 9 Aug 2016
Updates from CLI, Garden, Diego, Routing, …
EOL Timeline for Legacy DEA Backend