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Unigma Builds Management Platform with IBM Bluemix and Altoros

By April 24, 2017

Unigma, a US-based managed infrastructure services provider, was in the market to develop a multi-tenant cloud management platform to unify and simplify its offerings for infrastructure management. The company chose Altoros to work with IBM’s Cloud Foundry-based Bluemix platform. The result was a cost-effective system that accelerated cloud infrastructure management dramatically—by a 5x factor, while…

Gap Uses Cloud Foundry to Make Thousands of Price Adjustments

By March 22, 2017
Gap Inc.—the major clothing retailer with 3,300 stores and more than $15 billion in annual revenue—deploys Cloud Foundry as its platform for price optimization. With new inventory constantly being added to stores, the company's marketing model relies on the ability to keep inventory moving by making price adjustments based on local customer demand and responses … Continue reading "Gap Uses Cloud Foundry to Make Thousands of Price Adjustments"

Australian Government Transforms Service Delivery with Cloud Foundry

By March 16, 2017
Similar to digital transformation efforts in the US and the UK, the Australian government has embarked on initiatives to provide services based on Cloud Foundry, such as citizenship appointments, performance dashboards and a digital marketplace. The country's Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) aims to simplify and accelerate delivery of digital services via a standardized approach across … Continue reading "Australian Government Transforms Service Delivery with Cloud Foundry"

Mercedes-Benz Embraces Rapid App Delivery with Cloud Foundry [Reblog]

By February 9, 2017

In the race for the connected car of the future, Mercedes is continually evolving Mercedes me, an app and service which relies on microservices and continuous delivery enabled by Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Daimler wanted to take Mercedes me to the next level by focusing on a more customer-centric approach with the ability to integrate user…

RWS Automates Management of Dutch Physical Infrastructure with Cloud Foundry

By January 17, 2017

  The Dutch Government is using cloud-based software to manage the country’s physical infrastructure. Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, is responsible for policy, implementation and inspection of the country’s airways, waterways, railways, roads, harbors and ports. RWS depends on data to run efficiently and, thanks to software powered by Cloud Foundry,…

Altoros Releases a Self-Service Cloud Foundry Training Platform

By December 23, 2016

Altoros, a Cloud Foundry Foundation members, has announced general availability of the first-ever self-service Cloud Foundry training platform. In a user-owned cloud environment, engineers can learn and play with open-source Cloud Foundry first-hand. Combining online tutorials with real infrastructure experience, the course is offered in basic, intermediate, and advanced versions. Who may be interested? The training … Continue reading “Altoros Releases a Self-Service Cloud Foundry Training Platform”

Warner Music Group’s Journey from Private to Public Cloud (Video)

By July 12, 2016
Warner Music Group’s Director of Engineering Adam Chesterton and Altoros’ CEO Renat Khasanshyn came together at Cloud Foundry Summit NA 2016 to provide a closer look at WMG’s journey over the last year. Early adopters of Cloud Foundry, Warner Music Group remains one of the largest organizations using the community version of Cloud Foundry for … Continue reading "Warner Music Group’s Journey from Private to Public Cloud (Video)"