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Meet the Photon Platform BOSH CPI

By March 31, 2016

Today, we’re excited to continue addressing the needs of developers by announcing the release of the Photon Platform BOSH CPI. We’re building upon the recent release of v0.8 of Photon Controller: a distributed, multi-tenant and elastic platform purposefully-built for modern applications. BOSH was designed to address the challenges in building both small and large distributed … Continue reading “Meet the Photon Platform BOSH CPI”

Future-proofing Your Apps: Cloud Foundry and Node.js

By June 27, 2012

Most real-world applications we ship to consumers or enterprises are multi-year projects. In the cloud era, newer technologies (programming languages, runtimes, frameworks) are created faster than ever. While most of them fail to get any traction, once in a while a technology becomes popular because it solves a problem or set of problems extremely well. Now … Continue reading “Future-proofing Your Apps: Cloud Foundry and Node.js”